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7th Grade Science Teacher 






Tobacco Use Prevention Education







Cynthia Brewington

Week At A Glance

2020/2021 School Year


7th Grade Science:


Teacher:  Ms. Brewington


Welcome students!  As plans for the upcoming school year are finalized, there are a few supplies to have regardless of distance or school learning.


*Colored Pencils

*Glue Stick

*Supply of pencils


*Composition notebook with lined paper.  


Ms. Brewington


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7th Grade Curriculum

Unit One:  Chemical Reactions


Topics Covered:


     Properties of Substances

     Stages of matter/particle motion/changes of state

     Conservation of matter/products and reactants



Unit Two: Ecosystems


Topics Covered:

     Cycling of energy through photosynthesis and cellular respiration

     Resource availability and the impact on organisms and communities

       Components of ecosystems

       Cycling of matter and energy through ecosystems

       Changes to ecosystems




Unit Three:  Geoscience Processes and Earth's Surface


Topics Covered:

     Cycling of Earth's materials and flow of energy

       Geoscience processes changing Earth's surface at varying times/spatial scales     

       Distribution of fossils/plate tectonics

       Natural hazards/technologies development


Unit Four:  Earth and Human Activity


Topics Covered:

       Uneven distribution of mineral, energy and groundwater resources

       Development of synthetic materials and its impact on societies

       Ecosystem services and its impact on biodiversity


End of Year:  Family Life 

       Human Reproductive Systems

       Abstinence emphasis

       STD information/prevention

       Healthy relationships